What is an internal network? Why is the internal network needed?

An internal network is a section where direct access to the Internet is controlled or blocked by physical network separation, access control system, etc.

Our center separates the internal network and the external network to prevent intrusion into the outside world and prevents the leakage of internal information.

Features of our internal network

Our IDC Center offers a unique internal network configuration (dedicated to the allocation of dedicated units) for free to one or more servers.

The introduction of the L2/L3 security switch allows you to self-detect and block internal security threats, improving the stabilization of network services and the ease of operation, and ensuring safety against internal attacks such as sniffing attacks.

For more security, you can also configure a dedicated switch for a fee (price consultation)

Security switch main functions

Block Network Atttack

Block Dos, DDoS, Spoofing, SCAN, flooding Attacks with traffic analysis from Layer1 to Layer4

Blocking cable looping detection

Automatic blocking of ports where looping occurs prevents failures, and the bundled network monitoring software ‘VNM’ allows you to check the location and port in real time for fast failure handling

Power redundancy

Built-in power redundancy allows reliable service to other power supplies in the event of a failure of one power supply

Web Alert features

In the event of abnormal traffic, a warning window is displayed through the web browser of your PC to induce virus treatment and patches