Want to know what’s happening with server traffic, domain downtime, and more?

RTG Network Monitor contains more than 200 sensor types for all common network services, including HTTP, SMTP, POP3 (email), FTP, and more.
What are the sensors utilizing PRTG? One sensor in the PRTG is a device or an element that you want to monitor.
For example, a specific URL, traffic on a network connection, port status of a switch, or CPU load on the system.

PRTG monitoring key functions

Stay fit on all devices and applications

Create an independent, easy and fast map dashboard

Summary of all the features and health of the server

Paid services

Product nameThree-point explanationsupply priceexample
Server Traffic Alert
If the traffic number is high, the notification will be sent according to the limits you have set for the PRTG.
free service트래픽 알람
Server Down Notification
Through PRTG's own function, traffic is detected for each server and instant messenger alarm service is provided through real-time alarms such as server down.
[50,000 won per server] / Months서버 다운 업 알람
Domain Down Notification
Through PRTG's own function, we set down down detection by domain and provide a service that checks instantaneously in real time through a Telegram messenger alarm.
Per domain [30,000 won] /Month도메인업다운